Top Five Mystery Thriller Books of 2022

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A Historical Fiction Book is defined as a story that infuses true historical facts with fictional characters and events. Historical fiction includes any form of media infused with factional details with detailed and historically accurate settings.

Historical fiction is a popular genre as it is comprised of historical facts, and writers fix the gaps by adding the fictional element to make it an interesting piece. The main idea of historical fiction is to make the readers aware of history from different perspectives. The history presented alone can be boring and difficult to understand, so to make it interesting, characters, themes, and plot points are added to make it enjoyable.

One of the most important elements of historical fiction is the ability to develop new thoughts about past events. The writers can make the reader understand the past by relating the present with the past. As the writers discuss events and people, they can also recreate the whole era by making the settings and characters relevant to the past. If you want to read the best thriller books 2022, the following options can help you:

  1. Journeyman: The Bridge: A Novel of the American Revolution by Frank A. Mason:

If you are finding the best historical fiction, you are at the right place. Will is a nineteen-year-old boy who wishes to migrate to the burgeoning Tennessee frontier to build a gun shop, but an unexpected turn takes over his dream. He is unexpectedly pulled into the war.

He spends his adulthood in pre-revolutionary North Carolina. He starts from being a small-scale worker and upgrades to a master gunsmith. As his position changes, he is pulled into another war in North Carolina. Later, he gets appointed as an armorer to the North Carolina Militia as they go to the Moore’s Creek Bridge battle. It is known as an important fight between the loyalist and American patriots. This war took place months before the Declaration of Independence.

He fights alongside his friends as he is not a technical member of the militia. Being a master gunsmith, Will sets off on another journey to Pennsylvania in search of gun parts to set up his own gun shop. Fate takes him to unknown places where he is encountered many events. Every event left a mark on Will’s journey and life. What would be the end?

Frank A. Mason is known as one of the best writers. Frank A. Mason is the pseudonym for a retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel. He has served as a college professor for twenty-five years. Being appointed as an officer in USAF, Frank flew as a crew member on B-52s during the cold war. He has showcased his talent as a writer by bringing this masterpiece to the world.

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  • The Blame Game by Sandie Jones:

If you are searching for thriller books for adults, the Blame Game by Sandie Jonas is the best option for you. The story begins with a helping gesture that goes too far. When people go for marriage therapy, there are two sides to the story to hear, but you will never expect one of them to be the therapist. It is a dark thriller about cheating and crossing the boundaries from The Guilt trip.

  • Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney:

Daisy Darker arrives at her grandmother’s house to celebrate her birthday on Halloween. It’s been decades that the Darker family hasn’t been reunited yet; by the time the tide goes out, one of them will be dead. Nevertheless, it is one of the best mystery thriller books 2021 that you should not miss out on.

  • Into the Dark by Fiona Cummins:

The story begins as the kettle is still warm and all the family’s phones are charging on the worktop, but there is a twist. The house is abandoned! The family is frightened as the three words written with blood appear, making them stop! The crime takes overs the story as the whole family vanished. Read to know more about the story.

  • State of Terror by Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny:

It is a story about a series of terrorist attacks which throw global order into trouble, and the secretary is assigned to assemble a team to unravel the deadly conspiracy. The mystery takes over the story as the details are provided by an insider who knows precious information!