Top Three Fiction War Books

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Mystery thriller fiction is defined as stories with plot twists and unexpected turns that keep you up on your toes, guessing the reality and about what will happen next. It can be written from anyone’s perspective, a hero or snipper.

Some stories are scary, and some are reality-based. Writers often infuse mystery-thriller with the historical genre to produce exciting fictional works. Fiction war books are loved by many people who want to learn about the past and the world’s history to gain more knowledge.

Fictional books with unique story line and historical facts create magic as they are hard to put down when they are page-turners and stick with you forever. The three best mystery thriller books 2021 are as follows:

  1. Journeyman: The Bridge: A Novel of the American Revolution by Frank A. Mason:

Are you in search of the best historical fiction book series? Journeyman: The Bridge: A Novel of the American Revolution by Frank A. Mason is the best option for you. Will is a nineteen-year-old boy who gets stuck in the vortex of the American Revolution. Will has a plan to move out and shift to the burgeoning Tennessee frontier to build a gun shop, but an unexpected turn takes over his dream. He is unexpectedly pulled into the war.

Will spent his one phase of life in pre-revolutionary North Carolina. His position is upgraded from being a trainee to the master gunsmith. As he elevates to a higher position, he is pulled into another war in North Carolina. As the story proceeds, he is also appointed as an armorer to the North Carolina militia as they go to the battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge.

This battle is not known to many but is one of the important fights between the loyalist and American patriots. The war took place before the Deceleration of Independence. Will, not being a technical member of the militia, fights alongside his friends.

As Will is upgraded to a master gunsmith, he sets out on another journey to Pennsylvania, where he aims to find sufficient parts of the gun to set up his own gun shop. The story continues as Will’s fate takes him to many other places. All the places and people he met add experiences for his life ahead. When will the journey end?

Frank A. Mason is known as one of the best writers. Frank A. Mason is the pseudonym for a retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel. He has served as a college professor for twenty-five years. Being appointed as an officer in USAF, Frank flew as a crew member on B-52s during the cold war. He has showcased his talent as a writer by bringing this masterpiece to the world.

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  • The Winds of War by Herman Wouk:

It is regarded as one of the best modern fictions by Herman Wouk. His views and portrayal of World War II are the great novels of America’s greatest generation. His narrative style makes his work stand out from other variety of fiction, be it drama, heroism, the tragedy of World War II, or romance. He includes every family in America and explains the consequences of war.

  • The Beekeeper’s War: The most compelling and emotional historical fiction novel of 2022 spanning both WW1 and WW2:

 ‘Two women, two wars, and a secret that tears them apart.’ The two wars of 1916 and 1940 leaves behind the tragic marks of heartbreak. At the onset of the war, Nurse Pru le Cuirot left his home to offer services for injured soldiers at Ashbury. In another outbreak of war Pru’s daughter comes to Ashbury Manor. Emma is frightened for her mother to return as Jersey falls to the Germans. However, the story takes an unexpected turn as she meets the mysterious beekeeper who lives in Manor and finds herself surrounded by lies.Head to the website to know more about the story.